Tallest View Points in the Las Vegas Area

Las Vegas has a reputation unlike any other city in this country. Okay, gambling and the opportunity to see the best live shows any place as well as scantly clad dancers, are what many people chose to see. But, when it comes time to view something else; like a sensational view of the city and mountains, if you don’t have the cash to pay for a nighttime helicopter ride around the city and view all the city lights, hotels, Mount Charleston, Lake Mead and, of course the famous Hoover Dam where the Fugitive movie was filmed, if you pick the right hotel, the view, for the most part, could be had if your room windows were in the right spot.

Several years ago the metro city of Las Vegas and the surrounding unincorporated communities in what is called the Las Vegas Valley ran into trouble, in terms of overbuilding homes and condo units. And if that wasn’t bad enough, water become as precious as a full-house at a poker table. All you would have to do to view how bad things have become, and still are, is to notice Lake Mead has dropped nearly the length of a football field with no end in sight. How you may ask? Simply said, in the lower parts of the state, it hardly ever rains like it does in the Reno area, and snow is a forgotten thought. The only weather types you can really count on would be heat with cool temps in the evening during late fall and winter.

All that said, Las Vegas still has its charm, gambling, beautiful women, things to do and sights to see, so if you can’t find something interesting to do on a vacation, you had better check your pulse. Another item of note is being safely able to walk the streets day or night, and look at all the tall buildings. Actually, in the Vegas Valley, there are more than 160 hotels, 42 of which are at least 400 feet. But the tallest structure in the city limits is the Stratosphere Tower which rises 1,149 feet and sits just north of the Las Vegas Strip. The tower also has the tallest “observation” tower in the United States. Since the Stratosphere Tower is not fully habitable, it is not considered a building.

The tallest building in the Vegas city limits would be the Fontainebleau Resort which rises 735 feet and was topped in November, 2008. This building, however, is currently on hold. The tallest building that has been completed and open for business in the city limits is the 52-story Palazzo, which rises 642 feet and completed back in 2007. If you like history, the city of skyscrapers in Las Vegas Nevada begin with the 1954 completion of the old Castaway Hotel and casino in downtown Vegas and only stood 216 feet high. It remained the “leader of the pack” from 1954 until it was demolished in 2006.

Beginning with the “demolishment” of the old Dunes in 1961 the high-rise boom got underway. It became front page news as to what company was going to build the tallest hotel and casino. The initial winner was the 529-foot New York-New York hotel and casino. In the late 1990s the “who-can-build-the tallest” was underway and soon the city received the name: “Manhattanization Wave” that became the motto of Las Vegas. It should be noted here that as of 2012, the skyline of Las Vegas was rated 66th in the world and 18th in the United States. As of this article, several tall buildings are still under construction, but are currently on hold. Also, many of the tallest buildings are located on the “strip”; the majority of which is located outside the Las Vegas city limits.

Looking For A Nice Tall View Point In Las Vegas?

This article has already mentioned some of the “tallest spots” in terms of hotels
in Las Vegas, but we thought you would enjoy knowing what a customer receives once the elevator comes to a halt:

* The High Roller Observation Wheel: This observation spot is really tall and beats everything else no matter the location, and will allow folks to have a breathtaking view way above the “strip.” This special and beautiful observation wheel opened to visitors on March 31, 2014, for both day and night rides. It’s located on the Vegas Strip just across the street from one of the older popular hotels. At night, the wheels light up so everybody on the ground can view it as well. Riders on the High Roller get 30 minutes and a view you’ll never forget.

* The Eiffel Tower At Paris Las Vegas: The beauty of this view is you can check out the skyline two different ways. The 11th floor has the restaurant. But when visitors reach the top of the tower, you will get a unbelievable view of the entire city of Las Vegas no matter which way you turn your head.

The Rio Las Vegas Zip Line: This view of the city that opened May 2014 can be scary. Riders will be ripping along on the Zip Line above the streets for over a minute and a half. You get to sit down, enjoy the ride at a top speed of 33 mph.

Yes, folks, the demise of the Las Vegas area was over exaggerated. It’s still alive and kicking and offers excitement and fun 24 hours a day. Of course, most all visitors love to view the city from afar, and many of the hotels do offer views of a lifetime, especially at night when all the lights are on. So keep in mind you can always book a suite with a breathtaking view. If you visit the city with children, make sure they get a chance to enjoy the incredible view at night from the High Roller Ferris Wheel.
Note: A ground floor view at the Venetian Las Vegas has canals, gondolas to ride, and columns from the first century.