Las Vegas Building eyesores that need to come up or down

In any country, especially the USA, there are eyesores. It could be a house that is painted a very ugly color and it sticks out of a neighborhood like a sore thumb. It could be that the house is the only one with orange paint. It could be that it is a dark shade of red that just pops out at you. There is also that house whose paint colors don’t match.

Other times, it isn’t as obvious. There is something just slightly off about those places. Maybe the house is slightly tilted, or it just has that eerie feeling when you enter the house.

Whatever might be off about those places, there is no doubt that it is an eyesore to the community or city and the surrounding businesses that are near it. It’s also likely that the surrounding area wants the eyesores gone, but that comes at a cost. It also is worth money, money that most people don’t have. These eyesores are everywhere and can be anywhere, but the ones we’re talking about today are in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The first eyesore in Las Vegas is called SkyVue. This was supposed to one of the first stages of a London themed resort, and all was going well until funding was cult. You can see two towering pillars across from Mandalay Bay. This attraction is for sale for whomever has the money and ability to change part of Las Vegas’s skyline.

The second eyesore is called Slotzilla. It sounds like a casino version of Godzilla, and actually you would be right. Slotzilla is actually a multi-level slot machine and it sounds amazing. The only problem is that it takes up a lot of room and it blocks the view of Fremont Street and the bar on the east of Las Vegas Blvd. It also blocks the circular dining room of Oscar’s Steakhouse at the Plaza. It’s quite a shame it isn’t an attraction anymore, just an expensive slot machine.

The third eyesore is called the Fontainebleau, which is the second tallest building next to the Strastosphere in Las Vegas. It looks magnificent from the outside, but there were problems from the beginning. The first problem is that it never opened nor was it ever finished. This was one of the results from the Great Recession. This was a planned mega resort to attract a lot of people, most likely people that could afford it. Instead of it being a busy attraction it now sits dark, like a shadow cast over a busy city that infamously ‘never sleeps’. It is like visiting a vacated apartment, it does not feel inviting or warm at all.

A fourth eyesore is called the The Harmon tower footprint. It was originally planned to be the now center of the CityCenter Complex where you can find the Shops at Crystals. There were many difficulties with construction. The building ended up having just 28 floors instead of 40, like they had planned originally. This building was finished, but after inspections and such, was declared unsafe. There were concerns about liability and such so the public was never let inside. What would amount to years of litigation Harmon became one of the most expensive bulletin boards in the world since it wrapped around it. Later, when the legal issues were settled, it had a fence built around the demolished building. All you can see now is a hole in the ground. All that is left is a hole surrounded by a fence that you can see today.

The fifth eyesore marks the beginning downtown in Las Vegas. This is Sahara Avenue, which the city just decided to build this metal structure to put a banner up on Las Vegas Blvd. They created a sign that said ‘Let’s keep the party going! as if you could march from the Strip all the way to Fremont street like that. The sign became odd in time, than enticing or exciting, and it was eventually removed. The metal framework to hold the sign still remains. It is uncertain as to why it is still there. Perhaps it has become an iconic symbol and maybe the only way to identify Las Vegas Blvd or Sahara Ave. It’s also possible that Las Vegas simply doesn’t want to pay for or bother with the removal, so it just stays there.

Six sometimes is a good number, but when we’re talking about eyesores, it’s not a good number to have one, let alone six eyesores. Although this one isn’t a complete eyesore, though some say it is. The Strip used to have all kinds of shopping where people could buy expensive things like clothing, makeup and other things like that. Instead, the Strip is devoted to drug stores. These are your Walgreens and CVS stores. These are claiming to take up precious real estate and actually they are right. You don’t go to Las Vegas and just buy whatever you can buy back home. Usually you want to buy souvenirs or clothes for yourself, not a card or a toy from CVS.

Seven is claimed by some to be a perfect number. A triple seven, some say, can indicate perfection since it was so prevalent in medicine and other places. The seventh eyesore is the ICE night club. Yes there really is such a thing. This is on Harmon Avenue, by the way, right in between the Strip and the resort at Hard Rock. When a night club shuts down, it usually is within a casino and there is an adequate substitute for it. This joint sits alone on the corner of a busy intersection. They suspect that the night club may simply have been ‘ahead of the times’ but it still stays empty.

Any big city has eyesores and things that need to be either replaced or torn down. According to these, some of them have been demolished and some have not. It depends on whether or not they want to do anything.

9 Tallest Towers in the United State of America

United States of America aka the USA is a home of unlimited possibilities and wonders. To date, USA continues to offer great investment opportunities in all sectors of development. These opportunities have rooted well in building and construction industry. And as we speak, the USA take the pride to house one of the tallest iconic towers in the world. Moreover, this is not enough, as time goes by more and more skyscraper keep mushrooming, magnifying the dream of the United States, to house a chain of the tallest building in the world.

Quickly, let’s take a swift look at the tallest tower in the United States of America, that everyone talks about and wish to climb to the very top floor. Wait, before the mention of these building remember, that each the tower contributed largely to the economy, mostly from vast tourist who come to view them all over the world and not forgetting numerous offices and businesses housed. Ok, now let go through these iconic towers by order, starting with the tallest.

1. One World Trade Center, New York City
One world trade center is the tallest iconic building in the United states, located in lower Manhattan, New York City. The building is 1,776 feet tall with 104 floors, and designed by the iconic architect; Skidmore, Owing & Merrill (David M. Childs). Officially the tower was completed October 2014, and since then it has dominated the list of the tallest building in the United States and besides it is a significant landmark in the western hemisphere.

2. Wills Tower, Chicago
After One World Trade centre, Willis Tower comes second as the tallest skyscraper in the United States. Located in Chicago Illinois, the building is rich in past story to learn. Its construction date back to 1973, and soon after constructed the building earned the name Sears Tower name which changed to the current Willis Tower. The change of name was fuelled by Willis group holding, a global insurance figure, who acquire the building and currently call it home. The 110 floor building and 1,451 feet present a good view through it plain glass walls. It was designed by Roebuck and company.

3. Trump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago
Trump International Hotel & tower or Trump Tower Chicago is named after a real estate billionaire, Donald Trump, who is aspiring candidate for the 2016 US presidential elections. The tower currently stands as the third tallest building in the American soil, and it houses one of the most high-status restaurant and hotel in the world. It is located downtown Chicago, and it has a total of 92 floors which collectively constitute the 1,389 feet tall building.

4. Empire State Building, New York City
When you talk of Empire State Building, you remind Americans’ of their president Herbert Hoover who officially opened the building in 1931. A time when the world was struggling to build skyscrapers. Located in the midtown Manhattan, New York, Empire State Building has seen New York grow to the current iconic city in the world. In fact, the tower is the 2nd oldest skyscraper in the world and also takes the 28th position of the tallest building in the world. With its height of 1,250 feet and 102 supported floors the tower gives you a great view of New York City.

5. Bank of America Tower, New York City
Completed in 2009, the Bank of America stands at 1,200 feet at one Bryant Park and has approximately 154 floors. In New York City it the 3rd tallest and 28th tallest building in the world. Currently, the tower is owned by the Bank of America, and it was designed uniquely to handle a variety of natural disasters by the COOKFOX Architects.

6. Aon Center, Chicago
If looking for a perfect place in Chicago, Illinois to rent an office, AON Center is the right place. The tower is commonly known for its use of Italian marble to construct over 4300 slabs. Previously the skyscraper was known as Standard Oil Building before it was changed to Aon Center. To date the tower still house Aon headquarter. Two renowned firms designed it; the Perkins and Will partnership and Edward Durell Stone Firm and it successfully completed in 1974. The tower stands at the height of 1,116 feet and consists of 83 floors. In Chicago, it is the 3rd tallest building after trump international tower and Wills Tower and 6th position in the United States of America.

7. John Hancock Center, Chicago
John Hancock Center has stood firm ng to date to amplify Chicago name, and it has observed other towers struggle to beats is height. The skyscraper stands, 1,127 feet and support the weight of 100 floors. Since its completion in 1970, it has contributed significantly to the tourism sector and most importantly it is still used as a business center. What a magnificent tower! Besides, just like One World Trade Centre, the skyscraper present to the world greatest designers Bruce Graham, Owings and Merrill and also structural engineer Fazlur Khan. In Chicago, it is the 4th tallest building and the 38th tallest in the world.

8. Chrysler Building, New York City
Chrysler building date back in 1930. In fact, it is the oldest skyscraper in the United States of America and which is mainly constructed with metallic cladding. It has 77 floors and stands at the height of 1046 feet. This tower gives Chicago the pride to the home of the oldest and strongest tower to date. In 1976, the tower was declared a national historic landmark and most notably it was the first building to reach over 1000 feet in height those years.

9. New York Times Tower, New York City
The 52 floors skyscraper, stands 1,046 feet tall on the west side of midtown Manhattan, New York City. It was completed in 2007 and mainly house the New York time company. In the world, the New York Times Tower is ranked in the 60th position. Its construction was a joint effort of Forest City Ratner, the New York Times Company and ING real estate.

Tallest View Points in the Las Vegas Area

Las Vegas has a reputation unlike any other city in this country. Okay, gambling and the opportunity to see the best live shows any place as well as scantly clad dancers, are what many people chose to see. But, when it comes time to view something else; like a sensational view of the city and mountains, if you don’t have the cash to pay for a nighttime helicopter ride around the city and view all the city lights, hotels, Mount Charleston, Lake Mead and, of course the famous Hoover Dam where the Fugitive movie was filmed, if you pick the right hotel, the view, for the most part, could be had if your room windows were in the right spot.

Several years ago the metro city of Las Vegas and the surrounding unincorporated communities in what is called the Las Vegas Valley ran into trouble, in terms of overbuilding homes and condo units. And if that wasn’t bad enough, water become as precious as a full-house at a poker table. All you would have to do to view how bad things have become, and still are, is to notice Lake Mead has dropped nearly the length of a football field with no end in sight. How you may ask? Simply said, in the lower parts of the state, it hardly ever rains like it does in the Reno area, and snow is a forgotten thought. The only weather types you can really count on would be heat with cool temps in the evening during late fall and winter.

All that said, Las Vegas still has its charm, gambling, beautiful women, things to do and sights to see, so if you can’t find something interesting to do on a vacation, you had better check your pulse. Another item of note is being safely able to walk the streets day or night, and look at all the tall buildings. Actually, in the Vegas Valley, there are more than 160 hotels, 42 of which are at least 400 feet. But the tallest structure in the city limits is the Stratosphere Tower which rises 1,149 feet and sits just north of the Las Vegas Strip. The tower also has the tallest “observation” tower in the United States. Since the Stratosphere Tower is not fully habitable, it is not considered a building.

The tallest building in the Vegas city limits would be the Fontainebleau Resort which rises 735 feet and was topped in November, 2008. This building, however, is currently on hold. The tallest building that has been completed and open for business in the city limits is the 52-story Palazzo, which rises 642 feet and completed back in 2007. If you like history, the city of skyscrapers in Las Vegas Nevada begin with the 1954 completion of the old Castaway Hotel and casino in downtown Vegas and only stood 216 feet high. It remained the “leader of the pack” from 1954 until it was demolished in 2006.

Beginning with the “demolishment” of the old Dunes in 1961 the high-rise boom got underway. It became front page news as to what company was going to build the tallest hotel and casino. The initial winner was the 529-foot New York-New York hotel and casino. In the late 1990s the “who-can-build-the tallest” was underway and soon the city received the name: “Manhattanization Wave” that became the motto of Las Vegas. It should be noted here that as of 2012, the skyline of Las Vegas was rated 66th in the world and 18th in the United States. As of this article, several tall buildings are still under construction, but are currently on hold. Also, many of the tallest buildings are located on the “strip”; the majority of which is located outside the Las Vegas city limits.

Looking For A Nice Tall View Point In Las Vegas?

This article has already mentioned some of the “tallest spots” in terms of hotels
in Las Vegas, but we thought you would enjoy knowing what a customer receives once the elevator comes to a halt:

* The High Roller Observation Wheel: This observation spot is really tall and beats everything else no matter the location, and will allow folks to have a breathtaking view way above the “strip.” This special and beautiful observation wheel opened to visitors on March 31, 2014, for both day and night rides. It’s located on the Vegas Strip just across the street from one of the older popular hotels. At night, the wheels light up so everybody on the ground can view it as well. Riders on the High Roller get 30 minutes and a view you’ll never forget.

* The Eiffel Tower At Paris Las Vegas: The beauty of this view is you can check out the skyline two different ways. The 11th floor has the restaurant. But when visitors reach the top of the tower, you will get a unbelievable view of the entire city of Las Vegas no matter which way you turn your head.

The Rio Las Vegas Zip Line: This view of the city that opened May 2014 can be scary. Riders will be ripping along on the Zip Line above the streets for over a minute and a half. You get to sit down, enjoy the ride at a top speed of 33 mph.

Yes, folks, the demise of the Las Vegas area was over exaggerated. It’s still alive and kicking and offers excitement and fun 24 hours a day. Of course, most all visitors love to view the city from afar, and many of the hotels do offer views of a lifetime, especially at night when all the lights are on. So keep in mind you can always book a suite with a breathtaking view. If you visit the city with children, make sure they get a chance to enjoy the incredible view at night from the High Roller Ferris Wheel.
Note: A ground floor view at the Venetian Las Vegas has canals, gondolas to ride, and columns from the first century.

Best places to take an Escort in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a famous city in the world because of its nightlife, strip clubs, and great escorts. If you are coming to this city to have fun, you should know exactly what you are looking for and where to find it. Getting laid in Las Vegas is easier than you can imagine because there are thousands of Vegas escorts at your disposal. The ladies are found in most nightclubs and bars where people go to hang out and enjoy their drinks. The strip dancers are always entreating people at the poles and high on the podium. All you have to do is sit at a distance and watch them as they dance and shake their bodies around. Choose the one who looks attractive to you and wants to spend the night with her in a lodging room.

Las Vegas Escorts are outstanding in offering services to men who visit the late-night clubs. Their offer sex to visitors at fair prices. The amount one is willing to pay for the night determines the time you are going to spend together in that room. Tipping them a little is a nice way to win their favor, and you could spend more time than you had planned. The experience is amazing and you will not forget that night. The most important thing that you must do when you have found the best escort is to choose a good hotel where you will book a room. While many nightclubs have lodging rooms, going to a less crowded place is always advisable. Here are a few places where you can take your Vegas escorts and have an amazing time;

Polo Towers
Polo Towers is located in the heart of the Las Vegas city strip. The resort offers modern amenities and lodging rooms which allow people to come from the nightclub in. There is a fitness center, massage services, and also a rooftop pool that overlooks the city. The décor is amazing, and you will receive room services on a single call. When you have an escort from the club, this is a perfect place where you can come and spend the night together. There is plenty of space and rooms in each unit that is rented out. Dining options are set up when a call is made in advance to the hotel. Vegas is known for providing some of the best romantic evenings and dinners set up in the world. The attendants here are ready to make your night more fulfilling with reliable accommodation. Reservation deals are offered to regular visitors to make to appreciate their loyalty.

Encore Hotel
The Encore is a famous hotel and restaurant that is found in the heart of Las Vegas. It is also part of the Sinatra Restaurant which attracts many people especially when it comes to nightlife services. The hotel has some of the best-designed lodging rooms where people take their night. The fee charged for spending the night in the room is not very high. Escorts in Vegas are frequent visitors to this restaurant where they come with their male clients. The management of this hotel allows escorts to be allowed rooms and offer their services to their clients. If you have a very beautiful lady from the strip club down the street, this is the right place where you need to bring her. Rooms are served with everything that you will need to have real-time.

Trump Hotel
Trump hotel is a collection of 5-star hotels that is also located in Las Vegas. It is a luxury facility where only the wealthy can afford the services that are offered there. Despite having no casino in it, many escorts come to this hotel. They come with their wealthy clients who are in need of sexual services. It is a wonderful place where you will have a good time with your lady. Executive rooms are available in plenty every night, and you can find a vacant room and pay for it. The rooms are furnished with expensive furniture making them very comfortable and relaxing. Vegas Escorts are very excited to be in this great place and to offer fulfilling services to their customers. When you take your escort to a place that feels safe and classy, be assured you will get amazing sex from her.

The MGM Grand Hotel
The hotel is one of the famous places where escorts in Vegas are fond. It is both a restaurant and a nightclub. More people visit this nightclub which has the highest number of prostitutes every night. There are different sections in the club where strippers, escorts, and lap dancers attend the visitors. Reserved rooms are found several floors upstairs where the Las Vegas escorts take their clients for the night. The rooms are secured to promote privacy such that only those who have paid are allowed to go with their female counterparts. The night rooms have been stocked with all essentials and are large. Comfortable beds are present to give you a real-time with your escort. The cost of renting the room is also affordable.

Bellagio Resort
The resort is one of the finest destinations for many visitors coming to Las Vegas to spend a few days. It is a 5-star resort that attracts many people because of its Botanical gardens, spa, and salon. The rooftop is also accessible and is reserved for individuals who are having evening dinners and events. Taking an escort to this great hotel will be a winning point for getting laid that night. The hotel rooms are large and very clean. Rooms are always ready, and all you will have to do is pay, and the key is given to you. There is no major concern about the person you are coming in with for the night. You will have a nice time together and also enjoy the ringside view of the city.

A good choice of a place where you will go with the escort after leaving the club will increase your chances of getting laid. Taking a drive several miles from the club is always a better idea than finding a room nearby. The night in Vegas is always active, and you will find the best place to pay for it.

Record Tallest Towers In The World

There are quite a few towers around the world that stand as the tallest on record. They are there to intrigue, marvel, and appreciate for their artistic beauty. Thousands of people around the world visit these towering structures to enjoy them with their loved ones, take pictures, or check it off their bucket list. They can ignite romance and creativity depending on your reasons for visiting the structure. It takes architecture genius to construct these towers and below are a list of the top towering buildings and structures around the world.

The Tallest Towers In The World

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa was open to the public as the tallest supporting self structure in the world. At 2,772 feet is presses against the cobalt blue sky. The Khalifa is located in United Arab Emirates and is surrounded by several other office buildings and smaller structures. Thousands of tourist come to Dubai each year to admire its beauty. The construction of the Burj Khalifa began in 2004. Many residents find it hard to believe that it was constructed in just 6 years. In fact, the Burj Khalifa was crafted to rwsemble the Hymenocallis flower and the top is made to identify with a sculpted spire. The Burj is definitely the tallest tower in the world offering great office space and a breathtaking views for the residents of Dubai.

The Skytree

The Skytree rests in Tokyo, China and is the second tallest tower in the world standing at approximately 2,080 feet tall. It stands as an observation tower, restaurant, and for broadcasting. Construction started in 2007 and ended in 2012. After 5 years of construction the doors opened in May of 2012. It has a 631 constructed floor plan. It is a centerpiece development among popular office space structures. Nikken Sekkei is the developer of the massive tower. Immerse yourself high in the skies in the Skytree Tower.

Canton Tower

The Canton is the third largest building in the world. It stands at over 2,000 feet and it became operational in 2010 for the Asian games. It stands in Guangdong, China as an observation tower, restaurant, and telecommunications. It has an impressive 37 floors and two basement floors. By night, it stands as a multi-colored lit structure that attracts thousands of locals and tourists each year. It is the fifth free standing structure in the world. Until the Canton Tower was constructed it was the largest tower in Tokyo.

The CN Tower

The CN Tower stands in Toronto, Canada at over 1,815 feet. It was constructed in 1973 and completed in 1976, open to the public. The Canada Land Company is the current owners. It is a concrete communications and observations tower attracting over 2 million international tourist a year. The CN Tower is located in downtown Toronto and is a part of the skyline. It has been named one of the 7 wonders of the world. CN Towers is also a part of the World Federation of Towers. Thousands of locals appreciate the CN for its superior height and beauty.

Ostankino Tower

The world is sprawling with skyscraping towers and the Ostankino is no different standing at over 1,772 feet. The Ostankino was the largest tower in the world from the late 60’s to the mid 70’s. It stands as an observation, communications, and tourism structure. It is owned by a Russian Broadcasting network and is located in Moscow, Russia. It is preceded by the Empire State building in the United States. It was desigbed by Nikolai Nikitin to be the tallest tower in the world during its construction in the 60’s. Additions were planned to increased the height of the Ostankino, but funding wasn’t available and additions to the tower were halted.

Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Tower stands at 1,535 feet and was the tallest building in Shanghai from 1994 to 2007. It is a distinct landmark for tourists and locals. At night it is lit with multi-color LED lights that have stunned the local Shanghai area and has attracted millions of tourists and sightseeing spectators annually. The Oriental Pearl is used for radio communication, restaurant, hotel, and observation. The Oriental has 14 floors and 6 elevators. It is nestled along the Huangpu River and is revered by the locals for its ravish beauty and the lighting combination that creates breathtaking views of the skyline.

Milad Tower

The Milan Tower was completed in 2009 and is located in Tehrah, Iran. It is made of concrete and houses an observation tower, hotel, restaurant, and telecommunications. It is currently the tallest structure in Iran standing at 1,427 feet. The Milan Toweralso has commercial signficance for the residents of Iran. The tower has a complex that is known as the International Convention and Trade Center of Tehran. They pride themselves in their 5 star hotel located within the tower complex. The Milan is the 6th largest tower in the world with 14 floors and 7 lifts. The Milan Tower was constructed by Mohammad Hafezi and was completed in 2009.

The Kuala Lumpur Tower

The Kuala is an Islamic Lunar Observatory that is surrounded by other impressive tall structures. It stands at over 1,381 feet. It is also used as a cultural, adventure, tourism, and telecommunications tower. Thousads of tourist visit each year to enjoy the adventure of base jumping. They are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have annual races to the top of the building for residents and locals. It also acts as an observatory for Islamic natives to observe the crescent moon xuring Ramadan. They have over 6 floors and 4 lifts to get you from the bottom to the top.

Towers have always been a novelty providing excitement and adventure. Each time you visit or explore one of the largest structurez in the world you’ll get a sense of wonderment. Each of these towers have created allure and intrigue for their community.